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I had one pack of wooden hangers from IKEA, some from BB&B and a few random ones from before and I wanted a more uniformed look. I know what you’re thinking, they’re just hangers… it’s overkill, but I really love the new monogrammed hangers for our coat closet.

First, I used a thin sharpie to trace a “D” onto the midsection of the hangers. Then, I hand-painted my new monogram with a dark brown (raw umber) acrylic paint. It took 3 thin coats to achieve a rich solid color. After all

Monogrammed Wooden Hangers

Monogrammed Wooden Hangers

owing them to dry, I used one coat of a clear sealant spray meant for acrylic paint.

I love entertaining. I’m not really a fan of sorting through coats at the end of a “throw it on the bed” parties. In order to always have room for our guests’ coats, we keep our out-of-season coats in the back of Pumpkin’s massive closet (seriously, it’s big enough to be another room).

I think this would be an excellent gift for a housewarming, a college freshman moving into a dorm or newlywed couples (what bride doesn’t love showing off her new initial?).