Summertime Peach Caprese


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These sweet and syrupy peaches are mixed with mild and moist mozzarella balls and tingly refreshing mint. Then, drizzled with tangy and sweet balsamic glaze and topped with a hint of pink Himalayan salt. Making this peach caprese the perfect summertime dish sure to please any palette!

Summertime Peach Caprese ♥ Young Wifey's Blog

Summertime Peach Caprese ♥ Young Wifey’s Blog

Young Wifey

It’s Peach Festival Time…


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Movin’ to the country, Gonna eat a lot of peaches, Movin’ to the country, Gonna eat me a lot of peaches…

I really love your peaches, Want to shake your tree…

My brain keeps shifting back and forth between lyrics from two songs: The Presidents of United States of America’s Peaches and The Steve Miller Band’s Joker. Maybe it’s because the Hale Haven Semi-Dwarf Peach Tree in our mini orchard has produced a bumper crop for it’s first year! Today, I picked over 30 peaches with even more left on the tree (and 5 pits mysteriously on the ground…).

It's Peach Festival Time ♥ Young Wifey’s Blog

It’s Peach Festival Time ♥ Young Wifey’s Blog

Even though we had fresh Georgia peaches (picked and shipped that morning) in our wedding cake, I’ve never actually been a peach fan.      <GASP!>      I know! Then, I took my first bite of our homegrown Hale-Haven peaches, and I’m sold!

The last week of August was always the Peach Festival at my childhood church. Now, I’m dreaming of my own peach festival…

Millions of peaches…

Wanna shake your tree…

Well, I got to run… This was short, but it’s time to eat another peach!

Young Wifey

School Mania & Cute Crate Seats


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At the end of the 2014-2015 school year, I was preparing myself for a subject change to science at the middle school. I was re-familiarizing myself with earth science, I reached out to other science teacher friends, and I was photographing geological formations throughout Pennsylvania and New York. I was going to rock (no pun intended) my first year as a science teacher.

Halfway through the summer, I got a phone call asking me to come into school. To my surprise, they decided to move me to first grade instead! I was stunned for the first few days, but also very excited! Ever since that call, I’ve been working 60+ hours a week preparing for the beginning of the school year! Needless to say, I’ve been neglecting my blog (well there are a ton of projects that I could post, but then my life blog would transform into a teacher blog).

TODAY IS OUR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! How could that be? I didn’t even have a summer yet!

DIY Crate Seats ♥ Young Wifey's Blog

DIY Crate Seats ♥ Young Wifey’s Blog

If you’re a teacher you know there are a plethora of tutorials for these crate seats on Pinterest (If you’re not a teacher, these crate seats would still work wonderfully in a playroom or reading corner for your kids, nieces, and nephews.)  The Apple Tree Room’s tutorial is my favorite. Mine is not a tutorial. I just wanted to share some additional thoughts and tips.

DIY Storage Crate Seats ♥ Young Wifey's Blog

DIY Storage Crate Seats ♥ Young Wifey’s Blog

I made 6 crate seats for under $20, but I had some of the supplies on hand. If you make 6 without having any supplies on hand, you could probably do it under $50.

Pricing –
Frames: The crates are selling at my local Target for $2.99 (I bought 3, and previously had three). We had leftover plywood from a previous project, but a typical sheet runs $20.

Cushions: Fabric can get expensive, depending on the print and type of fabric. Luckily, you have many options here. JoAnn’s often has 50% coupons (I only used 1 1/2 yards of fabric). Patterned twin-size top sheets can be found around $10 or even a cute fabric shower curtain would work. If you’re a crafty person, chances are you probably already have some extra fabric. Also, printed men’s dress shirts can be found at thrift stores for a small price. The foam was not on sale at my local craft store, so I used a twin mattress egg crate topper (Walmart sells them for under $10) and added two layers. The ribbon pull tabs aren’t necessary, but are nice. Luckily, most crafters have plenty of spare ribbon or you can purchase a spool for around $1.

Opal Approved ♥ Young Wifey's Blog

Opal Approved ♥ Young Wifey’s Blog

Young Wifey

PS – If you look closely in the photos, you might notice another project I’ll be posting about soon...

PPS – It’s Pumpkin’s birthday today! Yay! Happy birthday, Pumpkin!

Summer Blue Crab Salad


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My parents were visiting us for the holiday weekend. Yesterday, my mom and I made a tasty crab salad for lunch. It was the perfect light and refreshing crab salad for a Sunday summer lunch!

First, I want to emphasize that in no way should imitation crab meat be use. It wouldn’t REALLY be crab salad! Second, In the photos you may notice that I used 1 whole red pepper. The next time I make this crab salad, I will definitely use 1/2 red bell pepper and 1/2 yellow bell pepper (which I already noted in the ingredient list).

Summer Blue Crab Salad ♥ Young Wifey's Blog

Summer Blue Crab Salad ♥ Young Wifey’s Blog


16 oz. can of blue crab claw meat, 1/2 red bell pepper, 1/2 yellow bell pepper, 5 stalks of celery, handful of fresh cilantro, 3 Tbsp. mayo

Dice the celery and peppers. Chop the cilantro. Mix together cilantro, peppers, celery, and mayo. Lightly toss in the crab meat. Serve chilled.

*If you wish, serve on a bed of mixed greens or on a toasted and buttered bun.

Young Wifey

Happy Heucheras


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AKA Cheerful Coral Bells

Whether used as an accent plant for your garden borders or as filler plant, heucheras (commonly know as coral bells) are a must have perennial for your landscape.

This morning, I was busy dividing three existing plants into 11 new plants. Let me share a few reasons why I love heucheras so much…

Happy Heucheras ♥ Young Wifey's Blog

Happy Heucheras ♥ Young Wifey’s Blog

10 Reasons to Grow Heuchera

10. Heucheras are available in a plethora or colors. Since many of my other plants are green, I prefer bronze purple and red purple varieties.

9.  They are extremely easy to propagate.

8.  They can tolerate a variety of soil conditions.

7.   The foliage and flowers both make excellent cuttings for floral arrangements.

6.  Depending on the variety you choose and your climate, they can tolerate full shade or full sun.

5.  These plants are essentially low maintenance.

4.  Heucheras look great with a variety of other plants.

3.  They are deer- and pest-resistant.

2.  Butterflies are attracted to the little flowers.

1.  Hummingbirds also love the blossoms.

Young Wifey