*My Home & Family*

There are a few great pleasures that some may see as trivial, but they mean the world to me…

Meet Hubster:
My older and oh so handsome rock-hopping husband. We grew up in completely different environments, even though we were in the same state. There are so many differences in our cultural upbringing, yet our values are the same. He enjoys football & hunting, he’s a meat (venison) and potatoes mountain boy. He works hard and many extra hours, coaching after school, while also working on his master’s degree. He’s a terrific father and husband, he’s the perfect pick for this Young Wifey.

Hubster & Young Wifey

Hubster & Young Wifey

Meet Pumpkin:
I’ve been with Hubster since Pumpkin was three, within a month he decided to call me Mom. This mischievous teen likes football, baseball, hunting, and getting into trouble. He’s an honor-roll student and All-Star athlete. His alter-ego occasionally appears as a banshee when he doesn’t get his way, yet continuously surprises me with his lovekindness.

Pumpkin @ 5y.o.

Pumpkin @ 5y.o.

Of course, we have our furbabies too!

Meet Belle:
Our female border collie, is the most intelligent and loyal canine furbaby ever. She loves to herd and play frisbee.

My Beautiful Border Collie Belle

My Beautiful Border Collie Belle, Playing in the Snow

Meet Rory:
Our large male Maine Coon, is the protector of our home. He is a Momma’s boy who likes to cuddle and hunt for socks.

My Kitten Rory "Hey! I was watching that!"

My Kitten Rory “Hey! I’m watching that!”

Meet Opal:
Our newest furbaby. A stray female calico that walked into our homes and hearts.

Meet Opal

Meet Opal

We sold our first home and spent a year looking for our new home! Finally we’re in!

Our Home

Our Home

My Home In Progress

Our First Home


With Hubster, Pumpkin, Belle, Rory, and a new home added into this Young Wifey’s mix, there’s always a new adventure, learning opportunity, and moments so dear.


26 thoughts on “*My Home & Family*”

  1. CS lewis said ‘Joy is a stab of longing”, but then he was a man. Your photos remind me once again that happiness is unaffected and unassuming: and very often, it’s here. I’m sitting on a rainy Thursday morning with a mildly poorly seven year old son, who has chosen to draw his chair next to me to watch his favourite programme. And without realising it happiness has crept upon us once again. It’s the little things, isn’t it?

  2. A perfect and complete family.
    🙂 Mandy

  3. I was trying to figure out why Rory was drinking the liquid from the salmon can, now I understand its your cat. 🙂

  4. So sweet! Good luck on your home search!

  5. We just bought a new home also! You have a beautiful family & home. What more could you ask for in life?

  6. storybrookecafe said:

    Hi, first of all gorgeous blog. I enjoy reading it 🙂
    Your family is wonderful… ahh I am jealous of your house. It’s so beautiful really.

  7. Alayne Ferley said:

    Your interests are so similar to mine…will enjoy following along as you post updates! Much joy to you and yours!

  8. Your home & family are beautiful. Furbabies too! lol

  9. Martin B said:

    Its wonderful to have a roof over your head. Especially one so nice. Beautiful family!

  10. Your blog is delightful and I am looking forward to your adventures as a Young Wifey, I wish I had advice to give since I been married for 15 years but I don’t. Maybe a little tip, take one day at a time. Looking forward to your inspired musings, Allie.

  11. Also, where did you get that fantastic dress?

  12. Hubster! Pumpkin! Furbabies! I absolutely love it!

  13. TeacherWife said:

    Beautifully written about a beautiful life.

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