Sometimes, you need a new appliance when it isn’t your budget. Or maybe there’s something you want and you know it’s not a priority. Then, it shows up, used and in good condition or on major discount. Or maybe it’s a miracle. Whether it’s small or large, these little blessings are important to remember and to pay attention.

These are some of the blessings we’ve received since we purchased out first house.

$20 Stainless Steel Flat Range Electric Oven – Summer 2006, I had just called my then future MIL about how I couldn’t bake anything in our outdated gas oven (I could only use the top burners) when she was at an auction and spotted this wonder. She was the only bidder and I was able to bake her a lovely cake a few days later.

Christmas Breakfast – Dec. 2007, I didn’t have a permanent job, things were tight. We were out to breakfast and Pumpkin kept talking about how the little plastic army men (his stocking stuffer from the dollar store) were his favorite Christmas present. He had a small handful of them on the table and was playing while we were waiting for our food. After our meal, we went to pay our bill and they informed us that the lone diner who had sat across the room had paid for our breakfast. I wish we could have told him thank you, he definitely added more Christmas cheer to our day.

Washer & Dryer – Summer 2007, I was in tears when my dryer died, my washer was on the fritz and I had a huge load of laundry and the forecast for the next week was rain (I didn’t even have a place to dry them outside, I only had a small indoor drying rack). Hubster helped me bag up all our laundry and we drove to a laundry-mat. His cousin called while we were doing laundry (although it was quite convenient not to have an entire day devoted to laundry) and within two days he had found a barely used dryer and newer washer for us and was installing them!

Pond Kit – Fall 2008, Hubster and I went to 10 pond stores pricing the least expensive way to install a small pond. The pump was the most expensive part, the maintenance scared us and we decided we weren’t ready for such a project yet. Then Hubster came home with a preformed pond liner, yet without a pump, we were getting nowhere. I was talking to a friend, who has a gorgeous pond, hoping she’d know some discount places and she had an extra pond, waterfall kit, electric heater for the winter that she gave to us! We haven’t yet installed them, but plan to in the near future (we need to find that forever house).

6 Month Supply of Contacts – Summer 2010, such a great thing to receive!

I have more blessings, large and small, it’s important to keep track of them all. What goes around comes around, my neighbor told me those were my gifts for always giving her what she needed in times of need. Who knew that giving her my son’s old toys and our old picnic table would have such a chain reaction for us?

Crème Brûlée – Winter 2011, it may seem like something small and insignificant. There’s nothing like getting a free dessert when you’re having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Lobster Tails, Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, Grilled Shrimp, Steak and Beer – Spring 2011, planning to use gift cards we received for Christmas, we went out to celebrate the small things in life and we comped a fantastic meal.

New Tail Lights for Trailer – We swapped a few things we didn’t need with a neighbor who had new lights the he couldn’t use.

Cat Drinking Fountain – I’ve never saved up point for rewards before, but it totally paid off to spoil Rory!

What are the small blessings you’ve received recently?


18 thoughts on “Blessings”

  1. riotflower said:

    In the past few months, I have found an affordable food processor, four perfect pairs of work-appropriate trousers when I desperately needed them, free milk when I felt the world had closed without me, and a much needed tailored peacoat for professional occassions.

  2. Another Wifey said:

    This gives me a new perspective to my hand-me-down housewares.

  3. I am very fortunate in that my husband has a good job and we truly do not want for anything. We’re not rich, by any means, we make ends meet and I do my best to be frugal and not spend our money unwisely. I do enjoy helping people when I am able. Like passing on my children’s clothing to others who are in need. Cleaning out my closet to give clothing to a woman who had come out of jail and truly only had what was on her back, and helping my children pick out toys of theirs they no longer played with to give to this woman’s little girls. it’s so important to me to help when we can because you never know when you’ll be on the other side, and I want to know that there are other people out there like me who are willing to help when there is a need. So, I guess my little blessing is that I am able and want to help others.

    • You’re right, it really is a blessing to give back. You’re not alone, we give back every chance we get. I’m the advisor of a service organization at my middle school and a lifetime Girl Scout. I remember driving around, as a kid, with my mother. Our truck was full of old sleeping bags, blankets, winter coats and hats. We’d stop and hand them out to the homeless people we spotted who couldn’t get a spot at the shelter. I guess another blessing is that she taught us well. Happy New Year!

  4. I will keep a list now also

  5. Shawn Wells said:

    What a great way to look at hand me downs! I have been blessed in so many ways its hard to remember them all! I have 3 girls and it wasn’t always easy to keep hem in clothes when they were little, I have an awesome friend who gave me bags upon bags of clothes whenever she cleaned out her girls closets. I’ve been given a carpet shampooer, sets of dishes, pots and pans, and tons of other things. When I clean out my girls closets. I now give them to people I know could use them. I will now look at these “hand me downs” as what they truly are…blessings! 🙂

  6. Pingback: Donna

  7. Yes, always count your blessing and always bless others with kindness.

  8. Great perspective!! I have received a lot of blessings in my time and you’re right about timing! I have shared this so others will realize their blessings too!!

  9. I recently started a new job, and that certainly is a blessing for my family!

  10. TeacherWife said:

    My blessing is knowing I continue to make a difference in the lives of 25 children each and every year!

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