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I remember all the Christmas ornaments that we hung on our Christmas tree that my great-grandfather had made; small and simple, yet very detailed . I remember a button wreath and think that’s one of the ones he made. Part of my name comes from him and I thought it an appropriate way to honor him would be to make a few button wreaths for our tree.

Button Wreath Ornament

Button Wreath Ornament

How To:
Cut a piece of floral wire to desired length. Begin to string buttons in random order, leaving 1/2″ of wire on both ends. Twist together ends and reshape wreath into circle if needed. Cut ribbon and tie overtop of exposed wire. Tie ribbon into bow and shape. Cut ends of ribbon at an angle and if needed dab on clear nail polish or fray check.

Approx. Cost:
floral wire = $2, 3 packages of buttons = $1 each, spool of ribbon = $1. About 75¢ each wreath.

This ornament is a great Christmas craft for kids. These wreath ornaments are perfect to attach to gift tags or slip it over the neck of a gift wine bottle. Pass out as party favors or have your child pass them out to classmates in lieu of cards.

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