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On the sixth day of Christmas Young Wifey shared with me her Christmas Mouse Cat Toy, Melted Frosty OrnamentCrocheted Fan BookmarksCrocheted Snowflake OrnamentsWine Glass Charms and Glass Globe Ornaments

Rory has been so involved with my Christmas Crafting, he even ran off with my crocheted fan bookmark the other day. I decided it was time to make him an early Christmas present. I recently read somewhere that 70% of pet owners give their pets presents for the Holidays. I have a playful cat who loves to play with my hair ties, but ignore cat toys I bring home from the store. I decided to make him a Christmas Mouse Toy… red and green of course. He must have known it was for him because he ran off with it before I could even photograph it. Two hours later, he’s still playing with his newest prey.

Rory <3 's his Christmas Mouse

Rory ❤ 's his Christmas Mouse

How To:
Cut two sides out of red fleece. Cut base and two ears from green fleece. Using embroidery thread make a large knot to make an eye, stitch it to red fleece, repeat with other side. Fold bottom of green ears and stitch in place on red fleece sides. With wrong sides together, uses a sewing machine to stitch the top of the sides together. Attach base to the bottom of the sides by stitching around the base, leave an 1″ hole. Turn mouse right side out. Fill 1/3 full with fiberfil, place metal bell in middle of fiberfil and stuff until 2/3 full. Sprinkle in some cat nip and finish stuffing. Stitch hole closed and let your cat admire or hunt his/her new toy.

Christmas Mouse Cat Toy Pattern

Christmas Mouse Cat Toy Pattern

Approx. Cost
1 package of 25 metal bells = $1, 2 squares of fleece = $1, bag of fiberfil = $2, small pack of embroidery thread = 25¢, catnip = free from my dad’s garden, thread & needle I had on hand  Make a Christmas Mouse Cat Toy for about 53¢ each.

Last year, Belle made dog treats for all her doggie cousins and friends… maybe this year Rory will find time to make some of these for his cat cousins and friends.

After Hours of Playing, Rory's Finally Tuckered Out

After Hours of Playing, Rory's Finally Tuckered Out



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