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My parents came and stayed with us for 10 days at the beginning of July, and then Hubster, Pumpkin and I went to Pittsburgh for a week. I left my computer behind and was unable to post. Now that we’re back home, and I’ve caught up on laundry, so let the posting resume.

On June 30th, 2012 I announced that my mom and I were headed to a cooking class. I was hoping to do the follow-up post later that week (I’m only two weeks late).

Upon arrival Mushtaq and Millie provided a packet of the recipes we would be preparing that day. They are so kind and sweet, that I really enjoyed watching them carefully prepare the delicious food together. The kitchen was filled with eager (and hungry) students. It’s amazing how a professional can make peeling a coconut look as easy as peeling a banana.

Mushtaq & Millie at Work

Mushtaq & Millie at Work

Most of the spices used I already have at home, but I did write a short list of a few more as well as any tips and tricks that I learned.

The Menu for Sakuntala’s June Cooking Class:
Zucchini Pakora & Sweet Potato Pakora

Chicken Korma
Basmati Rice
Masoor Dal (pink lentil)
Mixed Vegetable Curry (with locally available vegetables) 
Coconut Rice Pudding

As the food was finishing to cook, Mushtaq asked us to write our names on a piece of paper and place it in a hat. As we joked about that person having clean-up duty, he selected a name out of the hat, and read my mom’s name. She won a mini frying pan.

Time to Eat! Yum!

Time to Eat! Yum!

Everyone assembled a buffet line and then sat down to enjoy our meal. There was enough food that we were able to have seconds. Some people even took leftovers home.    My mom’s favorite was the pakora, my favorite, was all of it!!!

It was an incredibly enjoyable experience and refreshing to be taking a class once again. They have a new menu already lined up for July 28th. Before we left, I signed up for the next class…

Young Wifey

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