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The next Indian cooking class I went to was on July 28th. I know this post is really, really late…  However, I promised that I would write about it, and I don’t break promises (I may just honor some of them a little late).

There were a few other students I recognized from the last class, and we all chatted about what we tried at home and where we purchased some of the ingredients. It’s amazing how quickly a community can grow when you share similar passions and interests.

Mushtaq shared his philosophy on cooking.. how your mind, soul, and heart go into your cooking. The latter being the most important part.

The Menu for Sakuntala’s July Cooking Class:
Onion Pakora
Chicken Dopiajee
Basmati Yellow Rice with Sweet Peas
Masoor Dal with Zucchini
Potato-Cauliflower (Aloo-Kopi or Alu-Kopi) Bhaji
Masala Tea (Chai)

Sakuntala Cooking Class, Part 3

Sakuntala Cooking Class, Part 3

Some cooking tips I learned this time:
*To avoid tears when chopping onions, stick out your tongue (this will also ensure that your family and friends will laugh at you).

*For no-peel garlic: Break apart garlic and shake in a container, then you can simply remove the cloves.

I was the lucky winner this time since I got two variations of the onion pakora recipe in my booklet.

Although I could eat onion pakoras all day, I left the cooking class with my belly, mind, and heart all full.

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