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The next (and final 😦 ) Indian cooking class was on August 25th. Since it was the day before my birthday, my cowgirl attended this class with me.

Mustaq had planned my favorite chicken dish on the menu… CHICKEN TANDOORI! I’ve never attempted to make this at home, since I don’t have a tandoori oven and never believed the authenticity of the recipes that do not use one. However, since he uses an actual oven, I now feel like it’s acceptable to make chicken tandoori at home.

Sakuntala Cooking Class, Part 4

Sakuntala Cooking Class, Part 4

The Menu for Sakuntala’s August Cooking Class:
Vegetable Pakora
Tandoori Chicken
Chana Dal
Spinach & Potato Curry
Jeera Rice

Until now, all the cooking had been on the stove. The tandoori chicken was the first recipe where we needed the oven. Unfortunately, the oven at the kitchen wasn’t working properly, so we had to cook the chicken longer than usual. It was delicious as always, just a little dry on the outside.

Once again, it was a lovely and yummy day, yet bittersweet that this was the last cooking class.

Young Wifey

My Birthday Lilies

My Birthday Lilies

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