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Sakuntala Indian Restaurant in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania is a hidden jewel in a college town. I was deeply saddened a few months ago when the owners (Mushtaq & Millie) announced that they would be closing the doors and moving south (As soon as I find out where, I might have to buy a nearby summer home). The date is undetermined and dependent upon them selling.



Their traditional cooking style uses healthy ingredients to carefully prepare one dish at a time. Sakuntala was the only restaurant that I felt had truly vegetarian options on the menu. They always use locally grown seasonal vegetables. Even the meat is fresh from local farms.

There are a plethora of other reasons why Sakuntala Indian Restaurant means so much to me. The walls to the establishment hold many dear memories. I celebrated my college graduations here (both under-graduate and graduate) with my family. I had dinner here with my favorite late professor. It’s where Hubster & I went on our first date and later got engaged. My girls and I celebrated my bachelorette party here. Even though Valentine’s Day is the owners’ wedding anniversary, they stay open and prepare a delectable dinner for other couples. We have celebrated most of our anniversaries here, and I always thought I’d have them cater a small party on our big anniversaries.

Today is going to be an amazing experience, something I’ve looked forward to for a long time! Mushtaq is offering a cooking class and my mom and I are headed there to participate!

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