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I’ve been extremely busy and life has felt a little chaotic. I have many projects and recipes that I want to get to, but I haven’t been able to find the time. It seems every so often I need to remind myself to make the time for the things I enjoy, because even though I’m fitting more in, it feels less chaotic to me.

I found this beautiful crystal lamp at a yard sale in the fall and immediately envisioned a gorgeous french chic lamp for my guest room. My dad insisted that I needed to rewire the lamp before using it… so dad, please pretend I already did that step.

The mismatched lampshade might have been the right fit size-wise, but definitely not style-wise. Then I was on the hunt for a lampshade. Each store I went to had something similar to what I desired, but none were quite right. One store I thought I found the right shade, but it was too big. I felt like Goldilocks and temporarily gave up on my search, after all the guest room didn’t get used too often.

Last week,I was checking the clearance racks at Target and I decided to go down the lamp aisle. I had already checked this store before, but it was like destiny – the perfect lampshade for my lamp. Goldilocks found the one that was just right.

My first step was to sand down the rusted metal piece and spray it with metallic silver Rustoleum.

I hopped over to The Graphics Fairy and printed some French Ephemera that I planned to transfer to the white lampshade. As a child, did you ever trace a picture using the window sill? Easiest way to transfer an image right? I positioned my print and taped it to the inside of the shade and turned on the light. Using a black fine-point Sharpie pen. I traced the image. Since the lamp shade was fabric, it needs to be a bleed-free. I grabbed the wrong one to start, can you guess where?

frenchlampAfter a little TLC and craftiness, my lamp looks worlds better. It’s such a simple and quick project. Maybe you’ve seen the fairy light I’ve already made for my guest room.

What crafts or projects do you have planned for this weekend?