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Two summers ago I met a woman selling her work at a local craft/art fair. She had some cute framed pieces where she had layered a bold silhouette image over a page from an antique book. None of her pieces appeased me, but I did appreciate the artistic concept.

I’m working on a French Chic powder room makeover and I wanted to create some wall art that would give it a personal touch. I had planned for this piece to be in that powder room. However, since I used a monogram, it looks really good in many different rooms of our home… Decisions, decisions.monogram.jpg

Step 1
Type a personal message and translate (optional).ย Print in a lighter color on aged paper. Or tear a carefully selected page from your favorite novel, script or sheet of music.

Step 2
Choose a silhouette in a bold or dark color and print centered on top of script page. Try using The Graphics Fairy for great ideas.

Step 3
Add matting and frame.

Voilร ! Ready to hang and enjoy!

I translated a poem about marriage into French and choose a curly font in a light color. I printed this in a light color on a natural colored piece of paper. I printed darker color D and used a black thin-tip marker to track over a few piece, I wanted to make the monogram dual-tone. Then I add the white matting and bronze frame! So easy to make, that the decisions are the most difficult part of the process.

These would make great Christmas gifts or wedding gifts for a newly wed couple!

If you could choose a page from any novel or script, what would you choose?