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If I were to describe my furniture taste, it would sound eclectic. Modern and antique pieces. A hodge-podge of furniture can work together if the decor is cohesive in design. 

I love everything about antique tables; well-crafted from strong wood with beautiful details, intricately carved in legs, a hidden leaf, and imperfections that whisper their secrets. To think I found this one on a whim. We were strolling through town and we decided to stop in our local charity shop. I went to pay and Hubster ran home to get the trailer so we could haul this beauty home.

Dining Room Table

Dining Room Table

Recently, my sister had a similar find, but carried her table home… You see, my table is too heavy for the two of us to carry home for a mile and a half up a steep hill.

Once home, it needed a gentle buffing with Old English (for dark wood). Evelyn has some aged company. Now I’m one step closer to revealing my new dining room.

Now time to run off and make a late dinner to eat in our dining room!!!