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I really thought we’d have to tear out and replace this heater, it wouldn’t be too expensive to replace, but we wanted to see if we could salvage it first. I’m not even sure why we have this type of heater in the powder room, I know it doesn’t have any floor vents hooked up to our heat pump, but it’s a small room that in completely interior…

I really wish I’d taken a before pic. I think the original color was tan, but I couldn’t tell due to the vast amount of rust that had taken over the heater. It was so bad you needed a new tetanus shot just from looking at it. I cleaned off the heater and sanded it down. Then cleaned it and sanded it again. Lather, rinse, repeat… After many attempts I was able to get it mostly smooth. And then I covered the walls & floor carefully and applied a few base coats of Rust-Oleum.

Salvaging the Heater

Salvaging the Heater

After about 6 coats, it finally looked like a heater again. Thanks Rust-Oleum!

Have you salvaged anything rusty recently?