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We’re amidst another heat wave. Between the heat waves, there’s rain that lasts for weeks, it’s like Mother Nature doesn’t want us to spend much time outdoors this summer. On hot summer days, there’s nothing more refreshing than frozen grapes. In my house, they’re actually preferred over ice-cream (yes, Hubster too!).

Delicious Snack of Frozen Grapes

Delicious Snack of Frozen Grapes

15 Reasons Why I Love Frozen Grapes
Two summers ago, Pumpkin wanted me to write down my frozen grape “recipe” so he could ensure that others could make it too.

2) Grapes are the only fruit I like to eat frozen (unless in a smoothie).

3) Frozen grapes are incredibly kid friendly. The preparation is easy enough for little hands and short attention spans.

4) We had frozen grapes on skewers served on silver trays at our wedding (perfect for a hot July outdoor wedding). Each skewer had 2 black, 2 red, and 2 green grapes.

5) Frozen grapes are perfect for keeping wine, champagne, or sparkling water chilled.

6) Even if you don’t like grapes, you will probably like frozen grapes.

7) Frozen grapes make a fantastic healthy snack or dessert, so you don’t have to feel guilty for feeding them to your kid (or eating them yourself) everyday!

8) Almost anyone who visits us during the summer, knows they will find and help themselves to frozen grapes.

9) When you have a bowl full of two or three varieties, they’re just as appeasing to the eye as the mouth.

10) Eating them helps keep you hydrated.

11) Frozen grapes make a fantastic spa day snack!

12) Grapes have amazing health benefits, good for curing indigestion, lowering cholesterol, anti-cancer properties, etc…

13) They are an incredibly satisfying post-workout snack.

14) Frozen grapes are a fairly inexpensive snack as long as you buy the grapes in season. Since grapes freeze and last well, you can much on them well past season.

15) There is almost no prep!

Directions (if you really need them):
Use only seedless grapes. Wash grapes and pull off stem. Blot grapes dry with paper towel. Pour into a gallon size freezer bag and place in freezer. Allow to freeze for a few hours before eating.

Some people like to sprinkle with sugar or unprepared flavored gelatin. This is a big no-no in my household, but try it if it appeals to you.

What’s your favorite cool-down treat?

Young Wifey