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I’ve been working on a painting for my powder room for a few weeks. I prepped the canvas, started to paint and then (unhappy with the result) started all over again. I got so frustrated, that I turned my canvas and easel to face the wall. Last night, I realized that I had put my canvas on “time out”! I turned it back around and started again. It was late and I was tired, but inspiration hit. I continued to work even with my exhausted shaky hands.

French Chic Postage Painting

French Chic Postage Painting

It started as a vintage postage stamp Paris collage type painting… I’m not sure how to define it. The quality isn’t perfect and smooth, but I like it. It’s powder room perfect.

I took the picture before the paint was dry and the clear coat sprayed…

What project did you work on this weekend?

Young Wifey