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Bath Salts, Valentine Edition:
51% of me wanted to have a productive weekend, 49% of me just wanted to melt into the couch with a book and a bag of cookies. Since work and life have been so hectic, I knew I wouldn’t be productive unless I pampered myself first. I got a jump-start on being productive, but making a treat to help me relax. Bath salts are so easy to make, I decided to whip up a batch.

Ingredients: 1 c. sea salt, 1 c. Epsom salt, 1 c. baking soda, 1 tsp. liquid glycerin, 10 drops of essential oil, a few drops of food coloring

Directions: Mix these ingredients together in a bowl, breaking up all the small clumps, then separate into smaller batches. You can store them in decorative glass bottles, plastic baggies or in a decorative glass canister with a beautiful scoop. When it’s time to enjoy, just dissolve into steamy hot bath water.

Valentine Bath Salts

Valentine Bath Salts

*I used red food coloring to make my salts pink, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner.

*I used almond essential oil this time, but I also like lavender (relaxing), lemon (energizing), etc…

*Mist salt with water, add a bit more glycerin and press into plastic molds to make heart-shaped bath salts.

*I made a batch and separated them into decorative little bottles to include in my Out Of Town Baskets for my wedding. I think they make great favors for baby or bridal showers, stocking stuffer or as a thank you gesture.

Gift Basket Bath Salts

Gift Basket Bath Salts