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I apologize to all of my readers about the lack of posts in January. Here’s to February being a better month!

Matzo Ball Soup has become a comfort food to me, and surprisingly Hubster is a big fan too. This cold winter night required such a dish… or should I say bowl? I’ve used several recipes to make Matzo Ball Soup in the past, including a batch from mix. Some of the recipes required the matzo mixture to sit in the fridge overnight before preparing the balls, others for just 20 minutes. Recently I’ve used this recipe (since it’s easy to follow), just tweaking it to meet my needs.

Matzo Ball Soup

*I do not  make the vegetable broth from scratch, some of the ingredients are hard to get here in the winter. I use vegetable bouillon and add minced onions and parsley.

*I keep water on my hands to roll the balls, not oil.

* I cook my matzo balls in the broth and not separately in water.

I don’t always have matzo meal available at my supermarket, so I use my food processor to crush matzo crackers (funny they’d carry one but not the other).