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I love berries. Hubster & I decided it was finally time to work on incorporating berries into our garden.

Friends of ours have golden raspberry bushes in their garden that we’ve coveted for so long, and they’re given us a few canes to transplant. My parents have red raspberry bushes and spared a few canes to add to our garden. We have some black raspberry bushes growing on the steep bank along the road so Hubster dug them from the hill. All these raspberries were transplanted into our far raised garden bed.

We also purchased 3 dwarf blueberry bushes; 1 jelly bean blueberry bush and 2 peach sorbet blueberry bushes. While I’ve been resting my sprained ankle, Hubster planted them in the front of the middle raised garden bed.berrybusiness

We should figure out some netting or caging to keep the plethora of birds away from our new crops, but we’re just not that far yet. Hubster loves strawberries, but we haven’t built a proper strawberry box yet, so they might need to wait another year…

What type of berry is your favorite?

Yong Wifey