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Every November, I keep track of 30 things for which I’m grateful. Some years, I post it daily on Facebook, write it in my journal, or post it on my blog

I'm grateful for a colorful word...

I’m grateful for a colorful world…

1st – I’m thankful for 70°F in November!
2nd – I’m thankful for hot water.
3rd – I’m thankful for Nanny Florida’s Recipe box.
4th – I’m grateful for my supply of Scottish tea, and how it perks me up in the morning.
5th – I’m grateful for my DNA and the two who gave it to me!
6th – I’m thankful for my furbabies, and how they always know just when I need extra love!
7th – I really appreciate our middle school’s awesome PSA, and that they serve us dinner during parent/teacher conferences.
8th – I am grateful for all of my best girl friends.
9th – I’m thankful for Karma.
10th – I’m grateful for a quiet day at home with Hubster & Pumpkin. ♥
11th – I am thankful for all US Veterans, and the service, commitment, and sacrifices they have made for the honor and protection of our nation. Thank you Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard, including all Reserves and Guards.
12th – I’m fortunate to have 4 nieces and 3 nephews.
13th – I’m thankful for the opportunity to help others.
14th – I am grateful for my 3 sisters, life’s first (and last) best friends.
15th – I’m grateful to have a humidifier, for without it, I wouldn’t make it through winter.
16th – I am thankful for a hilarious and loving Hubster! Happy Birthday!
17th – I’m fortunate to be able to laugh, even when I should cry.
18th – I’m thankful to have a school (work) family to cares about me.
19th – I’m grateful to see my student loan amount start to go down, even if only a little  smidgen.
20th –  I am thankful for the internet and the opportunities it provides to stay connected with loved ones.
21st – I am grateful to know about and feel connected to the grandparents I never had the opportunity to meet.
22nd – I’m thankful sick days.
23rd – I’m grateful to still get handwritten letters in the mail.
24th – I am thankful that my grandmother was able to finally leave the assisted living home.
25th – I’m thankful for Aleve and caffeine, for without them, some headaches would never ease.
26th – I’m grateful for early dismissals!
27th – I am thankful for long phone calls with great friends.
28th – I’m fortunate to have a warm house, running water, and plenty of food.
29th – I’m thankful for snowplows and safe roads.
30th – I am thankful to have a few days off for Thanksgiving break (even though I brought home three bags of work!). 

PA Grand Canyon in Autumn

I’m thankful that in less than a month, days will begin to get longer again.

What is one thing for which you are grateful this year?

Young Wifey