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30 Days Hath September, April, June and November… 30 days in November. An entire month to reflect on the treasures in life, no matter how large or small. Thankful or grateful, it is nourishment for your mind and soul to pay homage to the great things in life. Some people post what they’re grateful for each day on Facebook, while others write what they’re thankful for on a piece of paper & place it in a jar (a cornucopia of gratefulness) to share with their family on Thanksgiving. We can give generic answers like, family, friends, health & a home, but think of a finer detail. Take a few moments before Thanksgiving to think about the people who are important to you, things that are special, activities that define us, the pets that we cherish, and even things about ourselves.

PA Grand Canyon in Autumn

PA Grand Canyon in Autumn

Nov. 1st – I am thankful for my sister’s anticipated trip home this holiday season.

Nov. 2nd – I am thankful for possibilities!

Nov. 3rd – I am grateful that I still get excited about the simple things in life.

Nov. 4th – I’m thankful to have new friends as well as old.

Nov. 5th – I’m grateful that Hubster keeps surprising me.

Nov. 6th – Is thankful for movie night with Hubster.

Nov. 7th – Is brimming with gratitude for my family; blood, in-laws, and chosen members.

Nov. 8th – I’m grateful to learn new things.

Nov. 9th – I’m thankful for teachable moments.

Nov. 10th – I thankful for a warm day amidst the cold ones!

Nov. 11th – I’m thankful for sunshine on my ride to work.

Nov. 12th – I’m grateful for these two last beautiful days before winter really weather begins.

Nov. 13th – I appreciate when people’s character shows in their words.

Nov. 14th – I’m thankful to have readers, old new, faithful and occasional.

Nov. 15th – I’m grateful for unexpected gifts in life.

Nov. 16th – I’m thankful for my loving devoted Hubster, Happy Birthday!

Nov. 17th – I appreciate the simplicity of young children’s happiness.

Nov. 18th – I’m grateful for juvenile fiction.

Nov. 19th – Is thankful for the many colors in life, no matter how vibrant or dull.

Nov. 20th – I’m thankful for friendly and polite strangers.

Nov. 21st – I am grateful for smiles; having them, seeing them and making them.

Nov. 22nd – Is grateful for safety.

Nov. 23rd – I am thankful for a much needed vacation.

Nov. 24th – I appreciative the honesty of children.

Nov. 25th – Is thankful for good health.

Nov. 26th – I am grateful for my 20’s…

Nov. 27th – Is grateful for glitzy, glamorous, sparkly things in life.

Nov. 28th – Is thankful for the people who were a part of my life, who’ve now passed on.

Nov. 29th – Is thankful for the dedication and sacrifices of our veterans and their families.

Nov. 30th – I am grateful to wake up each day…

What is one thing for which you are grateful this year?