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Where does one begin after a two month hiatus from blogging? My Our stress levels have been through the roof these past few months. We’ve kept so busy, that I haven’t had time to share anything with my readers (if I still have any…). It dawned on me today that it’s October. October?! OCTOBER!!! It’s been TWO MONTHS?! I used to be the type of person who would add a completed task to my to-do list, just so I could cross it off… It gave the illusion that I was more productive. Then I started blogging, and by sharing recipes, crafts & other updates, I felt more productive. I desperately need to get back in habit.

Now summer is gone… where did it go? Today, I bring you a little garden update…

Our cherry tomatoes have produced like crazy all July, August & September. Often  Pumpkin and I would eat them all before bringing the bounty to the house. Poor Hubster got his first tomatoes this past week. Only a few peppers grew this summer… these being the only three.

Possibly Our Last Harvest

Possibly Our Last Harvest

The sunchokes are in bloom and we’re getting ready for an autumn harvest.

Sunchokes Greeting The Sun

Sunchokes Greeting The Sun

After stumbling upon this beast amongst my tomatoes, I was done harvesting for a while…

I named this huge scary spider Charlotte...

I named this huge scary spider Charlotte…

Spiders… a definite sign of autumn!

What did I miss in your world?

Attn: Fellow bloggers, it might be a while before I can catch up on my reading. Please send me the link to your favorite post from the past two months.