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One small project at a time, we’re working on our home’s curb appeal. Our original doorbell plate was not doing much to help. Changing it out was an inexpensive & quick DIY project.doorbell

Once I removed the screws and cleaned the siding, we noticed the back of our original doorbell was flush with the siding, and the new doorbell had a part that needed to be recessed into the siding. Hubster untied the wiring, cut a larger hole in the siding, and drilled into the wood to create a space for the new doorbell. If you want to avoid this extra step, remove your current doorbell and look at the back. Order or purchase a doorbell plate that has the same type of back as your original one. He attached the wires to the new doorbell, and we tested it out before mounting it onto the siding.

Since our driveway enters from the back of our house, winds along the side, and curves around the front, the curb appeal of the side door is just as important as the front. The side doorbell didn’t work before, but Hubster fixed the wiring while installing the new one. It also has a shorter ring than the front doorbell, to help use determine at which door someone is waiting. The before/after pics are identical. 🙂

What have you done recently to update your home’s curb appeal?

Young Wifey