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AKA Cheerful Coral Bells

Whether used as an accent plant for your garden borders or as filler plant, heucheras (commonly know as coral bells) are a must have perennial for your landscape.

This morning, I was busy dividing three existing plants into 11 new plants. Let me share a few reasons why I love heucheras so much…

Happy Heucheras ♥ Young Wifey's Blog

Happy Heucheras ♥ Young Wifey’s Blog

10 Reasons to Grow Heuchera

10. Heucheras are available in a plethora or colors. Since many of my other plants are green, I prefer bronze purple and red purple varieties.

9.  They are extremely easy to propagate.

8.  They can tolerate a variety of soil conditions.

7.   The foliage and flowers both make excellent cuttings for floral arrangements.

6.  Depending on the variety you choose and your climate, they can tolerate full shade or full sun.

5.  These plants are essentially low maintenance.

4.  Heucheras look great with a variety of other plants.

3.  They are deer- and pest-resistant.

2.  Butterflies are attracted to the little flowers.

1.  Hummingbirds also love the blossoms.

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