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My Summer Heaven ♥ Young Wifey's Blog

My Summer Heaven ♥ Young Wifey’s Blog

The first Sunday of my summer break…

Lazy marshmallow clouds are masking the azure sky and bright June sun. The rustling leaves and cheerful birds creating a calming chorus. The nearby horses are talkative today. Under an oak leaf canopy, I’m sitting in my blue Adirondack chair listening and watching the world around me. Ants tickling my toes, and butterflies fluttering across the clover blossoms. Belle is resting beside me while Rory and Opal watch from inside the house. I cannot recall when was my last relaxing day…

The air is cooler than usual for this time of year. Our mini orchard is producing fruits, and I’m thrilled at the promise of fresh pick home-grown taste.

Young Wifey's Mini Orchard Update 2015 ♥ Young Wifey's Blog

Young Wifey’s Mini Orchard Update 2015 ♥ Young Wifey’s Blog

There are branches that need trimming, weeds that need pulling, and grass that needs mowing. But, not today. Today, I sit and listen to the world around me…

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