Besides monthly challenge posts, my readers noticed that I haven’t been posting. This hiatus was longer than any previous one. In January, we started a major home project. In February, it stalled as I got really sick. At the beginning on March we found out I had pneumonia. Just as I was beginning to recover, my maternal grandmother (my last living grandmother) passed away. She had another stroke (in January) and her body didn’t recuperate. That weekend, we found out that Hubster’s paternal grandmother (his last living grandmother) had cancer and it had already spread throughout her body. We had a a few weeks of quality time with her before she passed away. So far, 2015 has been a difficult year and we’re ready for that to change.

My grandmother, Nanny Moon, loved animals and gardening (two things we have in common). Hubster’s grandmother, (Gram to Hubster, Meme to Pumpkin) loved being with her family and cooking (two things we have in common).

Check out a few gardening posts Nanny Moon would have loved; Roses, herb garden, and wildflowers.  Check out Meme’s pierogi recipe and pickled egg recipe.

Rest in Peace, Nanny Moon; Rest in Peace, Meme

Young Wifey