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Turn a giant pickle jar into a beautiful detergent canister for your laundry room.

Two weeks ago, I noticed this enormous jar staring at me in the garage. At one point, it had been Pumpkin’s change jar. I’ve been waiting to beautify my laundry closet (nestled in our powder room) for sometime and thought this would be a wonderful starter project. Quickly, I designed and ordered a decal and gathered my materials (including, one of my grandmother’s teacups as scoop).

Laundry Detergent Canister

Laundry Detergent Canister

large pickle jar, spray paint, superglue, drawer pull, and a custom vinyl decal (or glass paint), scoop or teacup

Throughly clean all materials. Glue knob to center of the lid and allow to set. Coat the lid with spray paint and allow to dry. Apply decal to front of jar (be aware of any seams on the jar). Fill with powder detergent. Voila!

Young Wifey