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We have multiple pairs of earbuds floating around our house. There are pairs stashed with our work computers, home computer, iPods, in nightstands, and misc. drawers. I know there are some adorable earbud cases on the market, but I can’t justify the frivolous purchase (but my cute owl contact cases on the other hand…). Due to holiday traveling, the pair I keep in my purse somehow got covered in melted chocolate, and I spent a few minutes untangling a spare pair. Time to relent and use an earbud case.

I decided an empty Altoids Smalls tin was the perfect protector for my earbuds, but I wanted my case to have a little more pizzazz. I had all the materials on hand so this craft was free!

DIY Earbud Case

DIY Earbud Case

First, I spray painted the case a shade of blue. After it dried, I traced and cut out two small pieces of fabric. I spread a coat of Mod Podge on the inside of the tin, pressed in the fabric, and topped it with another coat. Voilà!

Craft Supplies:
(in order of appearance)

small mint tin
spray paint
fabric or craft paper
paint brush
Mod Podge

A few more tins, and all the pairs could be protected…

What would you create with a small mint tin?

Young Wifey