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HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you all have a blessed, happy, and healthy 2015!

Most teachers are guilty and taking home too much work. I am no exception. I teach writing to approx. 120 students, that’s a lot of essays to read, revise, and grade. Throw in a busy family life and forget about personal time. As soon as I start to remember this and rebalance my life, family and work responsibilities shift and balance tips again.

Young Wifey's Unplug to Recharge Challenge (January 2015)

Young Wifey’s Unplug to Recharge Challenge (January 2015)

My Unplug to Recharge Challenge for 2015 includes all the things that I normally incorporate in life, but start to get neglected as grownup responsibilities increase. I attached my January calendar, but can be used as a monthly calendar as well. The goal is to spend a minimum of 30 minutes per activity. Wake up 30 minutes early to squeeze in a little me time and keep another block open in the evening.

Detox Baths
Detox Tea

Who is ready to take the challenge with me?

Young Wifey