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We moved into our home 3 1/2 years ago, and a short-haired muted calico kitty sat on our back deck and looked in through our back door. She would often sit under the oak tree behind our house and watch for signs of our family. As I weeded my garden beds, she would lie down on the mulch and keep me company. I would pet her and scratch her chin. Outdoor kitty loved Hubster, she would even stay near him when we was using the loud weedwhacker. Since she slept under our back deck and kept the mice and chipmunks at bay, we kept fresh water available for her. On some rainy and cold days, she would sneak into our garage.

For years, outdoor kitty tugged at our heart-strings. We considered bringing her inside the house, but thought that Rory (our over-protective guard maine coon) would never get along with another feline furbaby.

The week of Halloween, we heard a tiny cry. precariously perched, on a high tree limb hanging over the steep back, was our outdoor kitty. She looked at Hubster and me and cried for help. After a few hours, she climbed down the tree, ran up over the bank, and jumped into Hubster’s arms.

It was finalized. She had adopted us! Her name is Opal. ❤

We kept her in the basement until we could get her checked out by the vet and vaccinated. Then we moved her upstairs to her own room and slowly introduced her to Belle & Rory (our other furbabies).

Meet Opal Furbaby 3

Meet Opal Furbaby 3

Two months later…
Opal’s meows and chirps are so demur compared to Rory’s howls. She taught Rory what to do with cat nip. Rory and Opal aren’t fighting, but they’re not cuddling with one another. They are definitely curious about one another and have started to play. Opal is sweet and cuddly. She loves to lick my fingertips. She sleeps between my feet. She is no longer a skinny stray cat. ❤

Young Wifey