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Hubster is a passionate hunter. Have I mentioned before that I don’t eat red meat? Hunting Widow Awareness Day

Yesterday, he tried out the new climbing tree stand my parents got him. He loves it. He didn’t get his deer yesterday, but my FIL did. Hubster helped his dad dress and process it. It was dark when Hubster realized that he lost his car keys somewhere in the woods. They went out to search his path with flashlights. No luck! He had to spend an unplanned night at the cabin. This morning, he went searching for the keys again. There were lost amidst the leaf litter, not wanting to be found.

I was getting ready to drive two hours to the cabin to bring him the spare set. UGH!! Hubster’s grandfather dug out his metal detector, and Hubster and our nephew went out “treasure hunting”. One last attempt to find his keys. This time, they were in luck! Now my Sunday is not wasted with 4 unplanned hours in the car, and Hubster is finally on his way home.

Now, if only deer season and football season didn’t coincide…

Young Wifey