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From Brassy to Classy!

I had some spray paint leftover from the light fixture makeover. However, the shiny brass finish on the three hall lights was mocking me. The shape of the lights are fine, it’s just the finish that needed updating.halllightmakeoverThe lights were fairly easy to take down, but I did make Hubster do the electrical part. The most time-consuming part was taping each little glass pane! I also taped over the sockets and the sticker warning me not to use more than 25 watt bulbs. After a few coats of oil-rubbed bronze spray paint and removing all that tape, they looked so much better.

Hubster then mounted them back on the ceiling for me. He decided he doesn’t like where this is going… 5 ceiling fans to update, 1 kitchen light, 1 more bathroom light… Oh, well! those are projects for a later date.

Young Wifey