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Two years ago, Hubster over pruned the pin oak in our backyard resulting in a sun-scorched trunk (and at our first house, he over pruned an ancient oak). Although summer pruning is frowned upon, I had to trim up the bottom of our maple tree before my resident arborist got to it. Our maple is located in the front of our house, right where our front plateau slopes down to the lower plateau. It is the only tree in the front on the same plateau as our house. and was never trained or pruned so it was a bushy sphere of a tree. You couldn’t actually sit under the tree to enjoy the shade.PrunedMaple

After checking to make sure there we no nests in the targeted branches/limbs, I trimmed off the branches that hung too low. I cleaned up the dead branches within the canopy. There were a few limbs that needed to be cut (which I trimmed, but our chainsaw was left at the cabin) to clean up the final appearance.


Now, Hubster will be able to get under the tree to mow and weed whack. We can sit under the tree and enjoy the shade. With a few more years of growth, this maple will be the perfect climbing tree.


On another note, we just discovered these four hatchlings in one of the hanging baskets on our front porch! They may be making a home in our maple tree sometime soon!

Young Wifey