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❤ Today is Hubster & my 7th wedding anniversary! ❤
and YW’s 600th post!

I’ve married my best friend, found my soul mate… I could use all these clichés. However, there is no combination of words that can express our love, our connection, our partnership. We’ve faced more obstacles than most do in their first 7 years, but our foundation is strong.Anniversary

Hubster, here are 7 unusual things that I love about you…

❤ You don’t notice the 5 inches I get chopped off my hair since it’s so long. If I try a new shampoo, you notice that my hair smells different.

❤ You usually pick out terrible movies at Redbox that you think I’ll like. Once in a while, you get lucky and pick exactly the one I wanted to watch.

❤ Sometimes we can’t drive in the car for longer than 5 minutes without getting irritated with one another. Other times, we can drive in the car for two days straight in perfect harmony.

❤ At home you tease me and pick on me about my silly blog, but then I overhear you talking it up to others.

❤ We dislike the same silly movies that many of our friends find hilarious and recommended.

❤ When you have a cold or your back is out, you simultaneously want to be babied and left alone.

❤ No matter how difficult life can get; when you kiss my forehead, temples, and eyelids, everything feels right in the world.

Blake Shelton’s lyrics on our bedroom wall art continues to act as our daily reminder, “GOD gave me you for the ups and downs / GOD gave me you for the days of doubt / And for when I think I lost my way / There are no words here left to say / it’s true, GOD gave me you / Gave me you…”

Young Wifey