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Dear Mom & Dad,

Last night, I slept through another loud thunderstorm! I’m really glad that they come at night and not during the day!

I played Mario Kart for a few minutes while Aunt R- made my oatmeal and chocolate milk. It was raining, so we stayed indoors. Then she set up our science experiment! We tried to make bouncy balls, but none of the recipes worked perfectly. It was still very cool! After we played with our bouncy ball stuff, it was time to paint again. This was so cool! I can’t wait to show you!

Bouncy Ball Fail

Bouncy Ball Fail

After lunch, we started our pizza dough! I continued painting and I made something special for L- and S- too! I can’t wait to show them! They’re dot silhouette shirts!

Our Painting Projects

Our Painting Projects

At dinner time, we finished our pizza dough. I made the cat shaped pizza that I’ve wanted to make for months! It was delicious!

Cat Face Pizza - Before Baking & Before Ears

Cat Face Pizza – Before Baking & Before Ears

Cat Face Pizza

Cat Face Pizza

After dinner, we played some board games. Aunt R- won at Blokus, but I won at Candy Land. During Candy Land, I was near the finish line, and I had to move backward so I started to scream cry. Then, Aunt R- drew the next card, and she had to go further back than me! She threw a temper tantrum too, it was really funny.

I wish the fireflies were outside so we could catch them. Now it’s time to get into the shower, read, and then go to bed. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys and going to Knoebel’s tomorrow! I told Aunt R- that I’d probably come stay with her again soon.

I love you,

PS- Mom, you really need to learn to make sardines for me (he still means quesadillas).

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