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Our furbaby, Rory, loves to eat plants. He especially loves to eat flowers. The more colorful, the more beautiful, the more it appeals to his kitty taste buds. He has even managed to climb a vertical bookshelf to eat my orchids. Time for faux orchids.

Faux Orchid #1 – I like that it has river rocks in the vase, but I’m not sure what the spiky foliage is supposed to be. It’s also missing the curving branches of orchids.

Faux Orchid #1

Faux Orchid #1

Faux Orchid #2 – No river rocks and the yellow/white flower is too neutral.

Faux Orchid #2

Faux Orchid #2

Young Wifey’s Faux Orchid – The taller vase helps add height, the river rocks add more texture, and the flowers adds just a touch of color.

Young Wifey's Faux Orchid

Young Wifey’s Faux Orchid

By going to faux route, I’ve spared the lives of countless orchids (and $30)…

Do your pets eat your houseplants?