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We are lucky enough to live in a rural area with many farmers’ markets and stands, where fresh produce is often in abundance during the summer months. Two years ago, I learned about one particular farmers’ market that is open year-round every Wednesday. The trouble is, during the school year we never make it there before they close for the day, and during the summer months I easily lose track of the days of the week.

Yesterday was the first Wednesday of summer break and I was thrilled to finally make the trip to the Lewisburg Farmers’ Market. We didn’t make it there until 11, and the parking lot and market were PACKED! Next week, I will plan to be there earlier (sans Hubster). There were so many stands from many local farms, and now I know where to get many food items (we did run into one student and her mom who pointed us toward the best tomatoes at the market). From venison and rabbit, to fresh potted herbs and grains, from raw milk and eggs to almost every fruit, vegetable, legume, and nut imaginable. The local strawberries and cherries looked AMAZING this week!

Unfortunately, over the weekend I already stocked up on fruits and vegetables. So we didn’t really need much. 

Farmers' Market 6/12/13

Farmers’ Market 6/12/13

We purchased:
1 head of red leaf lettuce, 4 yellow tomatoes, 3 large zucchini, 1 bunch of scallions, sugar snap peas, fresh locally baked pretzel rolls, 2 large fresh pretzels (to eat on location), and pecan sticky buns

Guess which item Hubster picked?

Once we got home…
Hubster: What’s for lunch?
Me: Lettuce (I tear off leaf and stuff it in my mouth).
Hubster: What else?
Me: Tomatoes (I pick up a yellow tomato and bite into it)
Hubster: And?
Me: Sugar snap peas (pop one in my mouth).
Hubster: Okay, what’s for dinner? (he seemed to temporarily forget about our dinner plans with friends).
Me: Zucchini (I pick up zucchini and hand it to him).

What is fresh at your local farmers’ market?