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Hubster and I never agreed on what ingredients to put in a classic pasta salad. That is, until I began serving it with a toppings bar. It’s a fantastic way to make sure everyone at your picnic enjoys this classic side dish!

Young Wifey's Classic Italian Pasta Salad w/Toppings Bar

Young Wifey’s Classic Italian Pasta Salad w/Toppings Bar

Classic Italian Pasta Ingredients:
1 lb. tri-color rotini pasta (cooked al dente, drained, and cooled), 1 chopped red bell pepper, 1 c. broccoli florets, 1 c. cherry tomatoes (halved), 1 c. grated carrots, 1/2 c. chopped yellow onion, 4 Tbsp. chopped parsley, 1 Tbsp. minced garlic, 1 Tbsp. chopped oregano, 1 tsp.  rosemary, 1/3 c. red wine vinegar, 1/4 c. olive oil, fresh ground sea salt, fresh cracked black pepperClassic Italian Pasta Salad Directions:
To make dressing, mix together oil, vinegar, herbs, and seasoning. Pour over pasta and toss to coat. Toss in vegetables. Keep chilled until ready to serve.

Topping Bar Suggestions:
sliced black olives, Spanish olives, fresh grated cheese, bacon crumbles, mini pepperoni, small pieces of prosciutto, anchovies, capers, cheddar crumbles

What toppings do you like on your pasta salad? 

Young Wifey