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Today is the last day of school, 1/2 day for our students, full day for us teachers. Since my students just finished their poetry unit, I thought it appropriate to share my school related poems with you. Besides, I’ve been ready for this day since August 27th!

Triplet w/ABA pattern:
The last school day in June,
I’m counting down the days,
You cannot come to soon.

Quatrains with AABB pattern:
My students are too chatty,
They’re driving me all batty.
I wish they’d complete their work,
Because I’m going berserk. 

Our sweet teacher yelled at us,
Said we’re making quite a fuss.
We’re making her hair turn grey,
‘Cause we have too much to say.

Quatrain with ABAB pattern:
I’m waiting until the final bell rings…
With no more expectations to achieve,
I’ll drop my books, run down the hall, and sing.
First, I should wait until my students leave.

What are your summer plans? Any vacations/holidays? Celebrations? Or projects?