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I love that our town flaunts its German heritage. Afterall, what fun is a town without Oktoberfest, Christkindl Market, and Mayfest? This past weekend, was a small winefest, which was part of a larger Mayfest. Our family & friends came to visit for the event as well. While Hubster & Pumpkin were not part of the winefest, they could eat and visit with us at the picnic tables. Our group purchased a few cheese platters which had an assortment of cheese, fruit, and 1/2 a baguette.DSCN3328

There were 9 Pennsylvania wineries participating, and each ticket holder received a commemorative wineglass. I went to 8/9 wineries since one is right down the road, and I’ve already visited it a few times. Usually I prefer dry and semi-dry white, but I’m very particular about the those wines. I surprised myself and drank quite a lot of sweet wines.

The employees at many of the wineries were genuinely friendly and seemed to be enjoying their day as well. While some were sweet and kind, some were really playful.  I overheard this conversation at one winery’s tent:
“Wow, this is the classiest winefest I’ve ever been to.”
“Yeah, the people are really friendly and nice”
“And no one has fallen over drunk.”
“Or got arrested.”
“It’s quite a nice change of pace.”

Even though they had a wine check available, I wanted to keep my load light. I still had plenty of bottles at home. I did however buy multiples of my favorite ones My picks for the day?

Sandcastle Winery:  Alpine Spice (which I always drink warm in the winter, but tried cold for the first time)
Bastress Mountain Winery: Autumn Blush, Jack Ass Red, and Group Therapy
Seven Mountains Wine Cellars: Tickled Pink
Armstrong Valley: Midnight Desire
Shade Mountain Vineyards: Six Dwarves Mint Wine (excellent mixed with iced tea)

In addition to wine, several of the wineries were selling trinkets and misc. foodie items. One winery was selling gourmet salsa, and unfortunately they sold out of the strawberry salsa before I made it to their tent. Another stand was selling locally made wine jelly, and I bought a jar of their delicious Blackberry Merlot.

The temperature was perfect and the company lovely. I look forward to attending the winefest in 2014.

To which spring event do you look forward?