I’m sure my loyal readers have noticed that I haven’t been posting often. It’s not due to lack of things to post about, it’s due to them not really fitting my usual blog format. But hey, it’s my blog right? Don’t worry! Later this week I’ll try to get back to my regular categories and post something foodie or crafty.

7 years ago, I developed my first sinus infection. The doctor told me, I had developed allergies. Problem was, the allergy meds he put me on made me faint in the shower. He switched me to another med, and I passed out in the morning again! He switched me to a third med, but it didn’t really touch any of my symptoms and I get felt foggy. I was done with allergy medicine, and relied on my Neti-Pot and oregano and/or mint tea to get me through the symptoms.

A year ago, my post nasal drip started to get worse. I had a chronic sore throat. And in November, I developed an intense headache that would not go away. I can count on two hands how many days I was headache-free in 5 months. It was miserable. I finally made an appointment with an ENT specialist.

First he wanted to pinpoint my allergens… turns out I didn’t have them! That’s right, I didn’t have allergies! For 7 years, doctors kept telling me that I did! No wonder the meds didn’t treat my symptoms and made me feel awful! The specialist then continued testing and decided that he needed to fix my deviated septum and remove my obstructive turbinates. Wow, I thought it was normal to only be able to breathe out one side of my nose. 

So now, just over a month ago I had septoplasty and a bilateral turbinectomy. The healing has been slow. I ended up with an infection two days after the surgery. For about two weeks, I felt like I had been punched in the nose and mouth. It felt like an awful head cold. That’s starting to ease some. The wonderful thing is, that my sinuses are beginning to drain. The sinus pressure has eased and so have my headaches. That is wonderful, considering that it’ll take a few more months to fully heal.  My nose is still extremely tender (it hurts to pull a t-shirt over my head), but I’m on my way to healing.

I go back to the specialist in July, but until then, being able to breathe through my nose, and not having a chronic headache is nice. So you see, I haven’t felt very creative in my craft room or kitchen. I’m hoping that the results continue to improve.

Happy Birthday Dad! Listen to your ENT specialist and get the surgery done. The sooner, the better.