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I vetoed Pumpkin’s right to choose the colors for the kid bathroom. First of all, it’s the bathroom that our overnight guests use. Plus, we already had most of the bathroom decor from our first house. Since I wanted a new scheme for the master bathroom, the kid bathroom gets the preloved rugs, curtains, towels, vases, etc…

For a year, I’ve had three blank canvases set aside for new wall art. Pumpkin and I discussed a few different ideas that we wanted to paint and hang, but we never really settled on one idea. Pumpkin’s free time has mostly been consumed with football and hunting (like Hubster, like Pumpkin), so this kid intended project was really me on my own. I got tired of waiting, and he didn’t seem to mind.

Bathroom Wall Art

Bathroom Wall Art

The bathroom walls are tan and the trim is white. Blue, green, and purple (the same three colors that fill my closet, and my classroom) are the accessory colors. I painted each canvas a bold shade; lavender, calypso blue and moss green. I used a toilet paper roll (roll art is all over the internet) as a stamper and added a circle print to each canvas. Perfect for any kid’s little hands, because it’s so simple and easy to hold. The circles may appear white in the picture, but they’re really a lighter shade of the base color.

These painting were intended to be a base. We’re still debating if we want to add a tribal frog graphic to each print or not…. The picture doesn’t accurately portray the colors, due to the lack of proper lighting.

What projects have you recently finished?