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We’re at home another day due to Hurricane Sandy, but we are lucky enough to have electricity. Even though I made sure I had some chilled wine in the fridge, I knew it wouldn’t cut it for me today. I strolled into the dining room to visit an old friend… Evelyn. She has a very important job in our house. She houses the liquor. While perusing my choices, I saw I didn’t quite have the fixings for a hurricane. However… I could modify a classic to create a Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy: The Mixed Drink

Hurricane Sandy: The Mixed Drink


Hurricane Sandy Ingredients:
1 part vodka, 1 part dark rum , 1 part amaretto, 1 part sours mix, gernadine



Hurricane Sandy Directions:
Place ice in tumbler (might as well use it before it melts, right?), layer ingredients in order. Add gernadine to taste. Garnish with a cherry or orange twist, or whatever you have on hand during a hurricane…

*For authentic Hurricane Sandy flavor, make and enjoy your drink while basking in candle light.


What better time to enjoy sipping on a hurricane than during one?