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I love house plants just as much as I love my outdoor plants. The problem is, my furbaby Rory, loves them too… to eat them that is. I had a beautiful orchid on a high shelf far away from where he could reach or climb… but he figured out a way to the top. I would love a live purple orchid in our master bedroom (remember before, I talked about sneaking in hints of purple?), but Rory simply won’t allow it.

I saw this realistic potted orchid when we were picking out our bedroom set and didn’t like the price tag that went with it. $89.95! Seriously? You want me to pay how much for a plastic plant?

While at the craft store I saw this blue pot on sale for $3.99 ($3.39 with my 15% teacher discount). Add three stems of faux orchids that were supposed to be $6.99 each  (I used a 40% coupon on each of them, spending $12.58).  A little trimming and rearranging and I was done in less than 10 minutes. Out of Pocket Price: $15.97

Potted Orchid

Potted Orchid

The river rocks we had left over from our wedding centerpieces. To make it realistic you could add stakes (2¢ each when you use bamboo skewers) and paper twine (use less than 5¢ worth). Be I went for a cleaner line and omitted this step!

$16 for my potted orchid or $90 for theirs (I can make almost 6 for that price!)?

What have you created recently cheaper than the original?