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Our master bedroom is filled with hues of blues and browns, and it has a touch of white to keep everything light. This combination in extremely relaxing,  but it is in need of a little color splash. I choose a hint of purple because it would give a romantic touch to the bedroom. Hubster wouldn’t approve of a girlie room (except for the guest room…) so I decided to sneak in the purple with little splashes here and there.

Our room is in need of some decorating and I knew I wanted my painting to bring the blues to the wall and add a small hint of purple (it’s more inconspicuous if I ease it in…).  There are two types of wall art all over the crafting world that I was considering; paintings of two birds on a branch/line and song lyric wall art. I decided to mesh the idea and sweeten the pop of purple with a compromise. Hubster likes country music, and I actually detest most of it. I choose the lyrics from one of his favorite songs (No, not “Red Solo Cup”).masterwallart

I prepped the canvas with a texture medium before painting. When I showed Hubster the painting he asked, “So, I’m the bird on the right?” I love how he knows me so much that he even gets my artistic choices…

God Gave Me You

God Gave Me You

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