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Please forgive me, I’m a day late with this post, but it has been simply gorgeous outside and I haven’t been near the computer much. First using a layer of newspaper at the bottom as a weed barrier (hopefully, I made it thick enough) and then mixing top soil and mushroom soil we got from a local farmer, Hubster and I filled our raised beds. For $20, our 8’x4′ and one 4’x4′ are filled.

I checked out Smart Gardener and starting playing around with some of the layout. Compared with the info from Sprout Robot, I was ready to start sowing seeds outdoors. Afterall, they don’t really know that our plants are three weeks early this year.

Smart Gardener

Smart Gardener

This week I direct sowed Burpee’s Super Sugar Snap Peas, Easy Peasy Peas, Perfecto Radishes and Kaleidoscope Mix Carrots. After I placed the seeds, Belle decided to throw her frisbee and drag it across the top of the radishes and carrots. Ugh! We’ll see how many of them got tossed about. I plan on planting these in succession (weekly) across the furthest 4’x4′ bed each week.

Week 3: Raised Beds
Week 2: Celery & Scallions
Week 1: Tomatoes, Peppers, Sweet Potatoes & Potatoes