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It’s all over Pinterest: every blog telling you how easy it is to start celery and green onions from their ends. And it is easy. This was another “experiment” we used to do as kids. No matter whose directions you follow, please, please, please remember to use only organic celery. This veggie is at the top of the dirty dozen.

This weekend we started celery in a small plant saucer, since it was a bit deeper than the saucers in our dish set. We also started the scallions (or some people call green onions) in a jar. Look at the roots!

Organic Celery and Green Onions Started

Organic Celery and Scallions Started

Also in our window sill garden: Pumpkin is still amazed by the fact that the sweet potato is all roots and only has two small dots are emerging from the top, while the potato is all plant and no roots.

Friday night we sprayed the seeds we planted last week. On Saturday Pumpkin noticed the tomato seedlings popping up from the soil. He was amazed that a plant could grow two inches over night. We’re patiently waiting for the peppers to emerge.

The Tomatoes Emerge

The Tomatoes Emerge

Another highlight of weekend garden preparation is purchasing a stainless steel compost pail (with charcoal filter, so no odors escape) for my kitchen. No sense running out to the compost bins each time I have a handful! Now the waste is hidden in a sleek container I keep next to the sink, so Hubster doesn’t accidentally throw the egg shells down the garbage disposal.

Week 1: Tomatoes, Peppers, Sweet Potatoes & Potatoes

Did you start any new seeds/plants this week? What other preparations did you make for your garden?