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I detest plastic bottles of dish soap at the sink. Even though I try to put them under the sink, they end up back above the sink. I love the Chambord soap dispensers that I made for my master bath & powder rooms (I recently switched the pumps from silver to bronze to match the new decor). Why not make one for the kitchen?

Disaronno Soap Dispenser

Disaronno Soap Dispenser

Selecting the bottle was more of a challenge this time. The newer Chambord bottles are cheaper and not as elegant.  Besides, I like more of an Italian atmosphere to my kitchen, instead of the French theme in those two baths. A Disarrono bottle was the answer, but I only had the larger bottles in my home. After a quick trip to the liquor store, I had a smaller bottle which was perfect for my kitchen. I poured the new liquor into the dwindling supply of my larger bottle (after pouring some into my glass). Then, I quickly removed the labels and plastic ring from the neck, and rinsed the bottle.

Previously I had bought pumps from BB&B and didn’t want to make a special trip. I took a bronze pump from a disposable soap dispenser and replaced the tub with a longer one (which I actually did ex post facto). It screwed on perfectly to my new dispenser.  While this one is perfect for dish soap, I’d like to find a slightly smaller bottle for the kitchen hand soap

Next time, I’ll make sure that color of the dish soap actually matches my kitchen decor.