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Even though the Family Room is wide and open and has higher ceilings than the other rooms, this is the room which bugs me the most. I think it’s partially because we spend so much time there, yet the furniture is so mismatched and nothing is finished.

When we first moved in I wanted to paint an accent wall in the family room, Hubster didn’t agree on which wall to use. Luckily the previous owners had already used the same wall as the accent wall, so I used that as my argument to win over Hubster. Then we picked out the colors and Hubster didn’t like the paint chips I chose, he said it was the exact color that was already on the wall. Once it was up on the wall, he agreed that it was a better shade.

A few months ago I decided to have some 16″x24″ photographs printed for wall art. I took the pictures when we were in Scotland a few years ago. He wanted to buy a painting for that wall (Me? BUY wall art for my home? I’d have to really really LOVE it!).

Today I took him to the craft store with me to pick out the frames. He wasn’t too sure about the frames I liked, but he didn’t protest either. I pointed out that they were 40% off and we would get our additional 15% off teacher discount. As soon as we arrived home I cleaned the frames and added my photographs.

Gallery Pictures

Gallery Pictures

Then I showed him how I wanted them hung on the wall. He thought I was crazy to want the center piece raised. I asked him to trust me, and reminded him that he didn’t really have a say in the decor anyway (he can have the basement and garage). After a bit of teamwork, we got the pictures hung on the accent wall and it makes a big impact when you walk into the room. Hubster agrees, I know what I’m doing. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but maybe once I have the room finished, I’ll be able to snap some great photos of the room.

Family Room Accent Wall

Family Room Accent Wall

Moral of the Story? Always trust your wife, you know she’s right anyway.

Now we just need to move the furniture back…

What was your Saturday project?