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The blogosphere has been plastered with DIYers making their own infused vodkas and homemade extract. I too have enjoyed making different variations of infused vodka. A few weeks ago I had planned to make cinnamon infused vodka using the same process. In a toddler-esque state I enjoyed dropping the cinnamon sticks into the container and accidentally lost count. Now, if I would’ve let it seep just a day or two and had cinnamon infused vodka. I love cinnamon, I really really love cinnamon. Red hots? Atomic Fire Balls? Bring it on… I wanted to continue my little experiment and make my infused vodka, a fiery cinnamon vodka.

After about a week I realized I just passed the phase of infused vodka and headed down the extract lane. I inadvertently crossed off something on my culinary to do list. I love using almond extract when I bake and I love using cinnamon. I’m not sure why I’ve  never thought of making cinnamon extract before. Cookies, cakes and bread… oh the possibilities to which I’ve unlocked the door.

Cinnamon Extract

Cinnamon Extract

1.74mL vodka, 20 cinnamon sticks

Add cinnamon sticks to vodka. Let soak for two weeks, stirring or shaking once a day. Remove sticks and strain before bottling.

The would make great gifts for any baker. I had fun using paper and my craft punches to make some cute labels.

What unusual item do you like to incorporate into your baking?